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PLvsAA Screenshot Database

Because Plurk can be dumb and I want to better organize what screenshots I do have.

Layton solving/not solving a Puzzle
Layton Table Slamming and Pointing in Trial
Wright and Layton solve a puzzle together

Luke Solving/Not Solving a Puzzle
Maya and Luke solve a puzzle together

Wright Solving/Not Solving a Puzzle
Wright pointing with Layton
Wright and Layton solve a puzzle together

Maya Solving/Not Solving a Puzzle
Maya and Luke Solve a Puzzle together

Espella Solving/Not Solving a Puzzle

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Prologue 1 - The Car Chase
Prologue 1 - Layton talks to Luke about Witches, Wright and Maya are flying into London
Prologue 1 - Espella Meets the Professor
Prologue 1 - Layton and Luke Solving the Mysterious Wall
Prologue 1 - Layton and Luke trick the witch and travel into the Book
Prologue 2 - Espella gets accussed, Wright and Maya meet Espella, and they enter the book
Chapter 1 - The Parade
Chapter 1 - The Great Witch Bezella
Chapter 2 - The Witch Trials, plus Barnham's entrance
Chapter 2 - Flower Girl is casted into the fire
Chapter 3 - Layton and Luke meet the Storyteller
Chapter 3 - Layton turns to gold, Maya is caught with a witch's staff
Chapter 4 - Trial gone wrong
Chapter 5 - Wright and Luke get caught in an explosion
Chapter 5 - After the Explosion
Chapter 5 - Layton saves the day
Chapter 6 - Espella awakens as Bezella
Chapter 6 - Bezella takes the Storyteller's life
Chapter 7 - Sword Battle
Chapter 7 - Sword Battle Part 2
Chapter 8-9 The Last Inquisitor
Epilogue - The Legendary Fire
Epilogue - Saving the girls with Magic w/some in-game shots
Epilogue - The Epic Point
Epilogue - Finale

Prologue 1
Prologue 2 - Part 1
Prologue 2 - Part 2
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - Part 1

Episode 3 - Darklaw, Storyteller, Great Witch
Episode 4 - Constantine, Eve, Barnham, Patty
Episode 5 - Mary, Emeer, Kira, Knightle
Episode 6 - Barnham, Darklaw, Ms. Primstone
Episode 7 - Birdly, Greyerl, Lettie, Primstone, Mystere
Episode 8 - Barnham, Rouge, Constantine
Episode 9-10 - The Vigilantes, Judge
Episode 11-Epilogue - Edgeworth, Wright, Maya, Layton, Luke, Espella

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